About Us

We are Daylight Colors

We are Shuwen Lisa Wu and Alexander S. Kunz from San Diego, California. We are a married couple that met online through our passion for photography.

We don’t have a studio – we’re specialized in environmental portraits on location. We love to work with kids and families, we make photos of beautiful models and people dressing up and showing their lifestyle. Together, we are an irresistible 😉 team with an eye for great locations and photo opportunities as well as the little details that “make the shot”.

Daylight Colors is our registered and published fictitious business name. We’re fully legal, pay business tax, and have complete insurance.


Shuwen L. WuShuwen’s origins lie in Nantou, Taiwan. Her first contact with photography was in California in 2007, and she quickly realized her role is to document life as a whole: people and the places they live in, but also the wild landscape and it’s intimate details.

Teaming up with her husband Alexander allows her to spend attention to details that would otherwise go unnoticed. Her passion for photography is driven by her approach to create beautiful, compelling images of people and places she loves. She connects with her subjects quickly, and many of her models have become close friends.

She shares some of her personal photos on her website // Instagram // PrintedArt // Fine Art America

PS: her name is pronounced “shoo-when” 🙂



Alexander S. KunzAlexander was born in Germany in 1971. His photography is mainly driven by his love for landscapes and nature. He is Shuwen’s photography assistant, second shooter and business administrator of Daylight Colors.

Alexander also provides certain types of product photography, real estate listing photography, and German/English translations of photo/tech related articles. He’s a recurring judge for local and international photo contests and offers photographic training and mentoring for small groups and 1:1 workshops. He’s a prolific user of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and teaches classes on photo organization and post processing with Lightroom.

You can also find him here: Website // Fine Art America