About Us

We are Daylight Colors. We are Shuwen Lisa Wu and Alexander S. Kunz from San Diego, California. We are a married couple that met online through our passion for photography, and now we share our love for capturing the world around us, and digitally working with our images in our lives, here on our website and on our Facebook page  – feel free to “like” it to get updates from our photo activities delivered in your news feed!

We don’t have a studio – we’re specialized in environmental portraits on location. We love to work with kids and families, we make photos of beautiful models and people dressing up and showing their lifestyle, we photograph weddings and engagements. Together, we are an irresistible 😉 team with an eye for great locations and photo opportunities as well as the little details that “make the shot”.

Daylight Colors is our registered and published fictitious business name. We’re fully legal, pay business tax, and have complete insurance.